We have more than 100 years of experience in the steel building materials field

We have more than 100 years of experience in the steel building materials field


Housing Projects

At Yathra Steel, we take pride in presenting our revolutionary product, the Cube Home – the epitome of innovation and modern living.


Yathra Steel provides three types of trusses. Gable Truss, Mono Truss and Floor Truss


The primary purpose of a Yathra Steel warehouse is to provide ample storage space for goods, products, and inventory.

Steel Wall Frame Panel

Robust construction element formed from cold-formed steel, comprising vertical studs and horizontal tracks that are assembled to create the structural framework for walls.

Site Pods

Create a compact and portable living space using Yathra Steel as the primary structural material, offering a modern and affordable tiny house solution.

Galvanised Sheets

Yathra Steel specializes in the production and utilization of light gauge steel for various applications in the construction industry.


High Precision

  • Automatic 3d Moulding, Ensure 100% Accuracy
  • Fully Integrated Computerised System

Speed in Construction

  • The Wall, Floor and Roof Structure is Produced Automatically
  • A Typical Three Storeyed Building Can Be Constructed Within One Month

Saving in Foundation

  • Structure Being Light Does Not Require Heavy Foundation
  • The Whole Building Frame Can Be Resolved to Independent Unit Drawing

Environment Friendly

  • Insulation & Thermal Efficiency
  • Reduced Thermal Bridging
  • Air Tightness
  • Precise Construction and Quality Control
  • Design Flexibility

Fire Resistant

  • Steel's Non-Combustible Nature
  • Fire-Resistant Coatings

Quality Structure

  • High Strength to Weight Ratio
  • Less Site Labour


  • Easy Transport
  • No Wastage

Safe Construction

  • Controlled Operation
  • Less(er) Site Labour


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